TDC #100: Critical Discourse Among the Disney Digerati

Mr. Potato Head

If you think there's anything less than "Wow" to say about this attraction, does it make you a traitor?

Oh my. This topic might just break the internet. Lisa and Jennifer invite George Taylor and Jeff Pepper on the show to discuss critical discourse among the Disney Digerati.

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And hey people, this is 100 freaking episode of feline frolics! If you’re enjoying the ride, or just have something to say about it, give us a ring at  1-757-559-1832 – you may hear yourself on a future show!


3 thoughts on “TDC #100: Critical Discourse Among the Disney Digerati

  1. Loved. Loved. Loved. This show, but then you already know I love critical discourse. I also love the idea of the “door ajar” show. I have been at WDW during gay days but didn’t really go for gay days.

  2. I’m so flippin’ far behind in listening that I’m almost embarrassed to post this comment so late. Still, I wanted to add my proverbial pat on the back for this episode…EXCELLENT show with George and Jeff on a risky topic.

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