TDC #109: Toy Story 3

Waiting in Line for Toy Story 3

Worried about finding good seats? Not us!

ZOMG, the Cat #1 family absolutely loved Toy Story 3. So not only does The Watchamacallit appear on this show, but so does Jennifer’s husband, Collateral Damage.

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4 thoughts on “TDC #109: Toy Story 3

  1. Ok so I am worried that my oversensitive child might get too distraught watching this movie. She is 8 1/2 but get upset really easily. I was really worried about up, but wouldn’t you know it the very first part fo the movie is her favourite. lol. She gets upset with the polar bear coke commercials. So what do you think seeing as you have seen the movie.

    • (Spoilers abound here. . .)

      There’s only one really scary part, but it’s quite a doozy. It might actually be more upsetting to some adults than kids, as it’s about the toys saying goodbye as they are facing what looks like certain death.

      If I were in your shoes, I’d ask myself how well my kid recovers from something upsetting. You can tell when the scary part is coming (it starts when they’re being processed with the trash), and it builds in intensity, so if it starts to be too much you could take her into the hallway and come back in maybe 10 minutes later.

      Or, you could “spoil” it for her in advance, letting her know that the LGMs aren’t dead, they’re in the background somewhere getting ready to save the day!

  2. Well we saw it today, and she did find that moment really intense. I had to keep reminding her that the LGM’s would save the day. My youngest daughter, was fine, though I had told her as well.

    Other than that part, the movie was great and I was glad we went to see it, though we did choose to see it in 2D as my girls hate wearing the glasses.

    My favourite part is in the credits with Buzz and Jessie. 🙂

  3. Saundra, I’m glad you were able to enjoy the movie! I know it’s tough when the kids are getting scared.

    We saw it again on Sunday, which was the third time already for my son. I liked it just as much the second time.

    I do love the part in the closing credits with Buzz and Jessie. Also, I would like to nominate Chuckles for best supporting actor in a dramatic role, and Totoro for most welcoming enormous grin.

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