TDC#114 – The Wedding Planning Session Episode

Cat #2 and her Disney Dude have survived (thus far) the move and the whirlwind planning session at WDW. This week’s show is a whirlwind wrap up of their experiences.

Need a cool photographer for pics around the parks? Try David and Vicki Arndt! They are awesome!!


1 thought on “TDC#114 – The Wedding Planning Session Episode

  1. AFter listening to you, I so wish I could have a disney wedding, but alas I am married for almost 10 years and have four kids so I can listen to you guys plan and imagine. 🙂

    For the flower delema. My wedding I got a simply bouquet to carry and used it to throw as I was leaving on vacation the next day too. The person who caught it loved it and even dried the flowers and still has it 10 years later. Other than that I didn’t really use any flowers, we did get married on Valentine’s Day so they were super expensive. I don’t regret it one bit.

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