TDC#117 Mid-Life Crisis, Anyone?

This week, the Cats ponder more mid-life lessons from the Disney Cannon. Who teaches you a thing or two about mid-life? Marlon? Carl? Lady Tremaine perhaps?

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6 thoughts on “TDC#117 Mid-Life Crisis, Anyone?

  1. Was stuck in traffic and called in to leave a message. Sorry about the sound quality as it is probably horrible.

  2. Ok as soon as you said what would you want to tell your 14 year old self, immediately I thought, “The boy you are in love with that doesn’t seem to notice you, but is always very friendly toward you, likes boys and not girls.” It would have done wonders for my self esteme.

    Of course it was just the start of me falling in love with gay men. But that is entirely another story.

  3. I was listening to your podcast and I was bother by the fact you haven’t given the movie Tangled a chance? I been following news and details about this film for about two years. Yes, I know it doesn’t look like the regular 2D animation films we all come to love, but it makes me sad that people like you who I admire not giving a chance on the new disney movies coming out. I will admit I really don’t like the trailer myself, but I know for a fact most of the footage for the trailer are only meant for promotional use, and not for the film itself.

    Here is a video Disney released a month ago about the inspirational of the film

    I would like if you give this film a chance, because I know Disney is doing something special here. If not I be very sad that you didn’t.

    • awwww… no i feel bad! if it’s any consolation at all, usually the things i bitch about most i end up loving. so probably this will be my new favorite thing. sigh. thanks for the link – i for one promise to check out tangled.

      • Thanks you, for giving this film a chance ^_^
        It made my day, that you guys are giving this film a chance.

        By the way love your podcast been listening for quite while now.

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