TDC# 123 MORE Listener Feedback!

This week’s show is chock full of listener feedback from past shows. Some of our other topics include:

*Friend of the Show


2 thoughts on “TDC# 123 MORE Listener Feedback!

  1. I was doing some baking when I was listening to this show. I was frozen upon hearing your respond to my comment about Tangled I wrote a month or two ago. I stop baking to comment you guys.

    I just wanted to comment to say I’m so sorry that I made you guilty for being harsh on Tangled! I couldn’t help it but to write that comment to you guys. During that time, I wrote that comment I was stressing about some problems about college and I was an emotional mess.

    But,I still stand on what I wrote about Tangled being a good film. Actually right now online there been couple of reviews for Tangled that are all positive so far. Here’s one I just read today

    I want to also comment about Princess And The Frog, which I adore and love. I personally been hearing and noticing Tiana gaining alot of popularity after the film came out in DVD/Blu Ray. Around the time the PATF Dvd came out I was doing some study observations on preschool children, since I’m in college to become a preschool teacher. I notices some of the children with shirts with Tiana on them and backpacks with her as well. And just recently spend an afternoon with my cosuin’s daughter who is 3 years old, she had Tiana’s notebooks, colors, clothes, and etc.

    Maybe, it’s because I’m around young children all the time, but I have feeling as long as Tiana is being group with the other Disney Princesses she do fine in the future.

    P.S. I remember you were wondering where I was from. I’m living in Las Vegas now, but I grew up in California, and been going to Disneyland pretty much every year in my life. Sorry for the long comment.

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