TDC #125 – Wedding Forum Woes

Pre-apologies to my fellow Dis-Brides! I was a bit overwrought when we recorded!

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2 thoughts on “TDC #125 – Wedding Forum Woes

  1. After the talk about reading FAQ’s I was almost afraid to ask this question, but then I decided since T think that I am asking it (at least in part) to be “conversational” it’s probably ok 😉

    Who did that cool version of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious that played near the end of the show, It sounds a lot like it MIGHT be Toxic Audio, in fact if you don’t answer, and I remember that I asked this, I’ll probably go take a look at their track lists for thier CDs at some point to see which CD it is on if it is indeed one of theirs. So should I just admit that I’m partly just being lazy in addition to being conversational?

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