TDC #131: Disney and the Future

We’ve got not just one, but two guests this week! Geoff Carter and Constantine von Hoffman join us to talk about futuristic themes and Disney.

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We close out the show this week with a wonderful song by Jonathan Coulton. If you’ve only heard Code Monkey or Still Alive, you totally owe it to yourself to check out a few more of his tunes. And since we ended the podcast with a song that seems like it should be happy but is totally sad, let’s now treat you to the inverse: “I Feel Fantastic.”


6 thoughts on “TDC #131: Disney and the Future

  1. Loved this topic..

    I feel that Tomorrowland should have that Future Retro/Future that Might have been feel, as it is in the Magic Kingdom and that theme fits better there. But in Epcot I would really like to see innovation and high tech for Future World.

  2. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this show! I love it when Mr Cat #1 comes on (he kicked ass on the, “On The Frontlines” show) and Goeff Carter is always awesome! It makes me feel intelligent listening the to the brilliance of this panel. I feel like Oliver Twist, “Please Sir/Ma’am, I want some more”.

    A very underrated Disney Steampunk movie is Treasure Planet, which was a great movie if you look past the “Jar Jar Binks” of the Disney Universe, B.E.N., voiced by the kick to the crotch Martin Short! And then there was Atlantis: The Lost Empire which was released the year before Treasure Planet.

    There is buzz of some sort of Steampunk event coming to Disneyland in 2011, The Mechanical Kingdom:

    Soon for the Steampunk Disney lover! Steampunk Vinylmations:

    Oh, and who could forget Rocketeer, which I have never seen….but I know the topic was more generated towards the Disney Theme Parks instead of Disney Movies.

    I totally agree with Jennifer, Spaceship Earth is my Favorite and MILF kinda blows, but with all that I think that the only answer to Tomorrowland is with a steampunk look of a one foot in the past, with the other looking towards the furture…

  3. I do seem to recall a smattering of Treasure Planet fast-food toys in our household at some point in time. And actually, the Watchamacallit had a couple much-loved Treasure Planet trading pins from WDW.

  4. Sadly I didn’t get to see Imagination in its original format but I just had a thought that the Dreamfinder and his Dream machine thing were very Steam Punk.

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