Special Post: TDC on Day 22 of Mousevent

Bob JacksonHave you been following Mousevent? If so, then you already know that the Day 22 posting featured yours truly, spreading the good word of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Jennifer couldn’t resist plugging it in her column last week on StudiosCentral, too.

And if not, head on over to Mousevent to check it out! It’s a Disney podcast virtual Advent calendar, with a new track having been posted every day this Advent season. So far, guest hosts have included such luminaries as Bob Jackson (pictured here), The Disney Brit Podcast, and Chef Big Fat Panda. And still at least one more to go!

And for those who’ve already heard this week’s TDC #132 and were hoping for holiday tunes? No worries. We’ve got those on deck for next week, for reals.


3 thoughts on “Special Post: TDC on Day 22 of Mousevent

  1. Hey Friends! Greetings from Santa Barbara, CA. I’m a new listener, but love the show. I enjoyed the “Star Wars Holiday Special” tribute for MouseVent, and wanted to share another treat with you.

    The “Tron Holiday Special”

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both,


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