TDC#142 Collecting Habits

On this episode, the Cats discuss their newest Disney Ephemera collections – Cat #2 has a new shrine!

elusive glow-in-the-dark tinkerbell wand of my youth purchased for WAY too much money on eBay

Also, check out the crafty handiwork of Cat #1 here and here!


4 thoughts on “TDC#142 Collecting Habits

  1. I used to own Disco Mickey Mouse as a kid, I would sing and dance to it so much and even had certain dance moves for when it would skip. I bought it on Itunes about a year or so ago, and it was weird listening to it without the skips. Odd that I remembered where they were in the songs after this long.

  2. Freaking Disney Coffee mugs! I have got an s@#t load of them and I can not stop collecting them. I drive over an hr to the closest Disney store just to see if new mugs have come out. I know I have a problem! HAHAHAHA!

  3. Jennifer & Lisa,

    What a great show. I’ve been listening to you all for a couple of years now, and I look forward to every Wednesday.

    Lisa, you cracked me up when you called for John Rick 🙂 He is the pin expert for sure. I collect pins with my 3 daughters & that’s one of our favorite things to do in the parks. I listen to John’s podcast, The Disney Pincast, & you should come on & talk about your wedding pins. He’s always doing segments like a Top 10…so you could list your top 10 wedding pins.

    As for other collectables besides pins, I will buy anything Gummy Bears-do you all remember that from Disney afternoon? Could just be me, but it reminds me of coming home afterschool.

    Great show, ladies…I’m reading “Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom” now. When are you discussing it?

    Thanks again,
    Jennifer (from Leesburg, VA)

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