TDC #143: Space Mountain Saved My Life

From the BestWDW flickr stream

When our friend Hayden found himself in Florida Hospital Celebration Health last December, our first thoughts were of concern for his well-being. But then shortly after that, we realized it was a great topic for a show! Jennifer’s always been fascinated by the town of Celebration, and Lisa’s a medical professional, so we had a ton of questions about Hayden’s experience.

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And how exactly did Space Mountain save his life? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out . . .


3 thoughts on “TDC #143: Space Mountain Saved My Life

  1. Poor Hayden! I love the story and I take much comfort knowing Celebration Hospital is so “kick-ass”! I only hope some day I get a “Those Darn CAT/CT” Scan!!
    Hayden is in much need for a WDW do do-over!

    Thank goodness what happened to Ross on Space Mountain didn’t happen to poor Hayden!

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