TDC# 146 Traveling With A Teen

Today we ask the age old question, is it OK to go to Palo’s and leave your kid locked in your inside stateroom? Well, maybe that isn’t the question exactly, but we are discussing parenting styles, knowing your kid and how to plan activities with and without the children without (hopefully) freaking out your spouse!

David & Vicki Arndt Photography

Then you will hear some (loud!) audio from The Disney Dream’s maiden voyage, in which the ship visits Castaway Cay while The Magic is docked there – (loud!) horn blasts ensue and the newlyweds run into a famous friend….

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1 thought on “TDC# 146 Traveling With A Teen

  1. So we just came back from our trip on the dream (well ok it was a month ago), we have a 16yr girl.

    She very much enjoyed planning her days herself. She didn’t enjoy Vibe as the CM wanted her to participate in activities and all she wanted to do was sit in the sun and relax. She ended up going and laying in the adult areas(not one person said anything to her, but she could pass as 18).

    We had no issues in finding each other, amazingly. She would suddenly appear and come and eat with us or talk to us and then she would be off again.

    Funny she would be the first one of us to go to sleep at night.

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