TDC# 147 Mysterious Phone Calls or “Here’s That Dr. Pepper You Tweeted About!”

Cat #2 has been getting some surprising phone calls. And still spending too much time in her happy/cranky place….. Here is the before and after on the DFTW “Money Shot”. Exhibit A:


Note: tumor at two o’clock, garbage crew at three and happy shiny people entering Cindy’s castle on their way to a fairytale breakfast (I was shocked it actually looks as empty as it does!).

Now, Exhibit B:


The kind folks at Disney Fine Art Photography cured Β Trace’s tumor and Lisa’s crude use of iPhoto editing blurred out the park goers and cast members.

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5 thoughts on “TDC# 147 Mysterious Phone Calls or “Here’s That Dr. Pepper You Tweeted About!”

  1. Yes, Lisa, you have been coming across as a Disney hater. I know you’re not, but Jennifer is right about the perception of us listeners. I think it is very strange that someone called you after you posted on the Disboards. I think an email or letter would have been more appropriate. The phone call would have caught me off guard, as I’m sure it did to you. I also think that if she bothered to call, there should have been better customer service – like not charging $75 for photoshopping your pics!!!! Come on Disney throw a bone already.

    My opinion on your negativity as of late, is that as an uber Disney fan having gone through the whole Disney wedding thing and paying the exorbitant prices for every little thing has worn you down a bit. That definitely came across on the podcast about your honeymoon cruise. I couldn’t wait to hear your review and ended up being a little bummed out. Sounded like you had an awful time and I was shocked that you had rebooked!! LOL

    I have faith that this negative cloud will pass and we’ll have our old Lisa back πŸ™‚

  2. can – i am working on the inapporpriate tweets as we speak…. just waiting for the right moment!

    oh kelly….. what can i say? i feel bad that i’ve been more of a downer than i realized i guess – but i sure appreciate having a place to talk about that with and folks who listen and comment! i think you’re right – the total immersion in the DFTW/WIC (wedding industrial complex!) kind of fried my brain a bit, coupled with my dependence upon my beloved but cray making message forums! slowly i am getting my independence back and some breathing room too! i guess since we did the disney wedding it’s kind of been my main area of aggravation to focus on in terms of that whole “bridezilla” streotype…

    and about the dream thing – man! the board people are up in arms too! OMG – maybe part of it is if i am spending time around UBER critical people then i don’t seem as critical until i reenter the real world! πŸ™‚

    anywho, derek miller at the penmachine blog posted this way more fun blog post about corporate response to social media commentary this week – but no dr. pepper! πŸ™‚

  3. Sometimes when you are trying to come up with a piece of information during an episode I “help you” by supplying the word, or piece of trivial information by just saying it out loud as I listen(hopefully in the car or at the apartment and not while I’m walking through the grocery store, or the park…though that might happen to) for instance a few episodes when you mentioned that Nixon made the “I am not a crook” speech at the Contemporary I chimed in that he was there to speak to a convention of the AP reporters (I think you had said something about a republican convention) this episode my big moment was when you were talking about around 26:14 when you said “watch this plane crash, car crash, whatever you call it” and I supplied “train wreck”, thanks for pausing so appropriately so that it fit in so well LOL!

  4. by the way I had not listened to ANY Disney podcasts for at LEAST 3 weeks possibly more, and BEGAN my return to the role of podcast listener by catching up on THOSE DARN CATS in a listening marathon today on my new MAC! and I also have an admission, I cheated on the book club by listening to the Cory Doctrow novel, on the other hand I’m actually getting the “non mouse spouse” to listen to it too as now that our schedules are back to letting us spend a bit more time together it’s easy to listen to an audio book together while we are doing odd tasks around the apartment.

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