TDC #157: POTC 4, On Stranger Tides

DLRP Pirates

One of Jennifer's favorite Pirate locations, near Disneyland Paris' Pirates of the Caribbean

Stranger indeed! The Watchamacallit joins us for a review of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, complete with discussion of Blandy McBlanderson and his fishy girlfriend.

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3 thoughts on “TDC #157: POTC 4, On Stranger Tides

  1. The bad thing about Blandy McBlanderson (or Father McBlanderson)was that he wasn’t even on screen enough to be eye candy.

  2. I saw the movie in 3D and several times I pulled off my glasses and the film was the same. There really wasn’t alot of 3D elements. There were some scenes of course, but I would say that 3D wasn’t needed.

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