TDC#162 Cat Medley


It’s a Those Darn Cats cornucopia of goodness! It’s all here this week!

And more!!

*Also – please note we will be on hiatus for 2 weeks in August (the weeks of August 10th &17th) – but find us back here on August 24th!

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5 thoughts on “TDC#162 Cat Medley

  1. Cats,
    Your podcast is still my absolute favorite! This is Coleen from NJ, the creepy woman stalking Jennifer and the Watchamacallit at Captain EO last September! I was laughing hysterically during the last podcast when you brought up our meeting. It was a true joy for me to get to meet you(again) and your son for the first time! I had actually met Jennifer and Lisa briefly at the Magic Meets in PA a few years back.

    Now if I could just meet Maggie and Cookie in person, my TDC obsession would be complete!

      • No! No! No! I want a do over. I pick Classy Coleen or Creative Coleen or Courageous Coleen or Comical Coleen or Casual Coleen or Cordial Coleen. I will even take Cantankerous Coleen. Please not Creepy Coleen!!!!

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