TDC #163: Refillable Controversy

Pal Mickey

Pal Mickey, with a freshly refilled mug. But not that kind.

Disney might start enforcing its policy on refillable mugs and soda dispensing. Run for the hills!

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Okay, now whatever, flame war, bring it on.

6 thoughts on “TDC #163: Refillable Controversy

  1. In my mind this would not even be an issue for WDW if it were not for a small minority of people who abuse the program so much that WDW feels they have no choice but to police it. Even if the small percentage of people who do bring back their mugs and use them would not be that much money at all. But when you take a mugs quantity and fill up huge bottles then it is abuse, and we the ones who take only our share are made to feel like criminals. These people then become the loudest ones of all when their abuse is caught.

    I think most of the abusers live on the DIS Boards (except for Lisa).

  2. Hmmm Lisa uses the phrase “Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater” and shortly thereafter a variant of that phrase is the whisper of the day at Sprinkles in Dallas. A coincidence? I think not.

  3. More seriously, I’m excited about the RFID Mugs not because I’m that worried about soda cheaters but because, if it is successful, I can see a number of avenues that Disney could take this. As you mentioned they could have a “green” option where you could reload your mug for future visits. They could offer an annual mug for AP holders or special mugs for DVC members. They could even offer mugs that would work in the parks in such a fashion that the beverage islands could be moved from behind the counter in counter sevice eateries to a more public locations. That would free the restaurant cast members up to just deal with food orders which would make getting your food more efficient. It would also reduce the apparent wait time for your food since you could be getting your drinks rather than just standing around waiting. Think beverage islands as another interactive queue.

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