TDC# 166 The Trace Pace Touring Plan Challenge – Part 1

a magical morning dawns at the magic kingdom

On this episode, Trace and Lisa share their experiences using the Touring Plans method of navigating the Magic Kingdom! Armed only with their laminated and personalized touring plan, will they accomplish their goal of enjoying all* the attractions the Magic Kingdom has to offer?


flying high buddy!

snow white's scary adventure will scare the granny panties of you!

*all = anything BUT Tom Sawyer’s Island

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1 thought on “TDC# 166 The Trace Pace Touring Plan Challenge – Part 1

  1. I was there on Aug 19th for the weekend and we also were cracking up at the Splash Mountain Church Lady Chickens…which we call Hallelijah Chickens.

    We saw the Tiki Room show. I didn’t care for the “Under New Management” but after seeing the “new” original version, I can see why they changed it to begin with…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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