TDC #168: Germany

Jennifer enjoying Mezzo Mix

Enjoying a frosty Mezzo Mix in Frankfurt

Jennifer’s back from Germany, and regales Lisa with tales of Mezzo Mix, Donald Duck, and the dreaded Glockenspiel!

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Jennifer’s blog has more on Mezzo Mix and Donald Lifestyle Magazine. And the Glockenspiel? Here’s a video of the action-packed animated sequence, courtesy of roxxma on YouTube.


5 thoughts on “TDC #168: Germany

  1. I have indded seen Guillotine, but have never actually played it. And as for Club Cool drinks I miss Lychee Mello (Thailand) that they used to have.

  2. Comic books in the US mostly means superheroes. Whereas comic books in most of Europe means ducks. Donald Duck is like the Spiderman, Superman, and Batman of Germany all rolled into one.

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