TDC #173: Superpowers

Nyan Cat at Walt Disney Studios Paris

We’re busy girls. We could use a little boost now and then. If we could have just one Disney magical superpower, wouldn’t that make our lives just a little easier?

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Based on the image above, one might imagine at least one of the cats would pick the magical ability to fly through space with pop-tarts strapped to her sides. You never know.

Oh, and since we inexplicably end up talking about Dungeons and Dragons, here’s a link to MC Frontalot’s fab new video, Critical Hit, which debuted on BoingBoing this week.


3 thoughts on “TDC #173: Superpowers

  1. Wow so much to comment on 🙂

    1. The power I would love to have is to have “real Hollywood style magic” like the Evil Queen. Would love to have her spell book and magic mirror, not to mention her great and fabulous cloak.

    2. I haven’t played Paranoia but did see it being played at Dragon*con.

    3. Dark Crystal – I did love it as a kid but I haven’t seen it since I saw it originally in the movie theatre. I am afraid to re-watch it now because I am afraid it will taint my memory of it.

    4. The Game Master in me is now thinking about a RPG set in WDW. Maybe something like Kingdom Keepers.

  2. Can, you know you have to GM this if it comes to pass. We could always play in a MUD if need be.

    Paranoia was stupidly fun at PortCon. I’m sure I missed a ton of subtleties, between the fact that I’m a novice RPGer and that we were joining a campaign in progress. I’m not sure I’ll get back to PortCon this year, but if I do, it will be primarily to play Paranoia, a strong statement given that RPGs aren’t my thing. (Guess I gotta play more of them then. . . )

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