TDC #179: Listener Comments

TDC Fan Meet at MouseFest 2008

TDC Haunted Mansion Meet at MouseFest 2008

We have listeners! Yay! And we do so love to hear from you. So, this week we’re reading some of your emails.

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The show seems to leave a question unanswered in its opening moments: Why does it require bravery for fans to meet up with Jennifer? And was it in fact a frightening experience for one of our listeners to join Jennifer at the SC11 Conference? The world may never know.

If you’re at WDW this coming weekend, please do say hello to Jennifer! She’s not really that scary. You don’t really need to jump up and down clapping, but she’d appreciate it.  You can find her by tweeting @ThoseDarnCats, or maybe even as Kitty-chan on the WDW Lines app chat.


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