TDC#182 Pre-Half Chit Chat and TMT*

welcome earthling - you have nothing to fear

Welcome to another rousing episode in which the last minute pre-half preparations are discussed as well as the high cost of meat and ticket media. Good luck to all the runners and supporters out there this weekend and please watch out for my husbands toe.

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*Ticket Media Tangent

To follow Cat #2 on race day – go here.


2 thoughts on “TDC#182 Pre-Half Chit Chat and TMT*

  1. Thanks for the tip about the D&B purses and the discount given at counter service locations. I got the coupon buying my Lunch on my first day at Disneyland last weekend and on day two went to the World of Disney to purchase my Mickey Balloon Dooney!!! I love it and saved a bunch because of your Tip! You all Rock!!!

  2. i’m so glad!!!!! we have to spread the purse love where ever we can!! question – did you make them take down ALL the purses??

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