TDC#184 The Marathon Weekend Recap 2012

Welcome back friends, for the 2012 Marathon Weekend Recap! Before we go any further, let this cat just say that time did not allow me to mention everyone we came into contact, hung out with, randomly twitter-stalked and generally shared the bubble love with… Special  mentions go out to Andy (Two Finger Point) – *note – Trace and I are no longer accepting friend applications from anyone of any sex (or in any spelling) named “Andy” , we’ve got more than enough of those already – confusing* – and twitter pal and fellow Disney Bride jesscutler, among others…

Trace and Intro Guy, Jeff W, join me for a rehash of some of the big moments of marathon weekend. Jeff blogs here – and I’ll let his blogroll do the dirty work of providing links for you of  many other Team Voice/Disney running folk.

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Also, this:


2 thoughts on “TDC#184 The Marathon Weekend Recap 2012

  1. Great to meet you and Trace at Aloha Isle after the race (I didn’t realize Bryan was there with his baby…argh!). Also…thanks for the shout out!

    One thing I found out while down there…one of the best cures for post-race aches is La Cava – that blood orange margarita (with the el Mayor tequila shot chaser) had me feeling great for a couple of hours afterward!


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