TDC# 188 Downtown Disney(s)

Jennifer is back this week and we talk all things Downtown Disney, like this-

pajamas that should have been mine

i was robbed

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3 thoughts on “TDC# 188 Downtown Disney(s)

  1. I went to Baffalo Bill’s Wild West Show back in 2001. I would compare it to a Medieval Times Dinner show. The place we divided into sections by the color band on the cowboy hat, which you got to keep and then you cheered on your cowboy/girl that matched your color as they went through stunts and tricks that you could have imagined that were part of Bill’s traveling stunt show from back in the day.

    Much different from a Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical review which is a comedy varitity type of dinner show.

  2. Aaron – thanks for the insight! That does make more sense then what I imagined. Is it inside like mideival times too? Do they have a goofy story line besides “just” the buffalo bill story? thank for the comment!

  3. I didn’t notice a Downtown Disney area at HK, but I also didn’t head towards the hotels. But there was nothing between the train station and the entrance bar the ticket booths.

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