TDC#197 Big Brian Bingo!

It’s the All Big Brian show this week – featuring feedback and voicemail! Of course, we go our own ways as well and discuss:

Check out the very talented Big Brian Martsolf on his new(ish) podcast, Disneyland News Today.

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2 thoughts on “TDC#197 Big Brian Bingo!

  1. Wow, I did not expect to see this when I opened iTunes this morning! Now I’m trying to recall what all I have said in my various emails/voice mails…I guess I’ll just have to listen to see if I really embarrassed myself too badly.

  2. 1. Star Trek the Experience has closed in Vegas. Sadly it has been closed for several years now.

    2. C.O.P. – There are seperate load in rooms and exit rooms.

    3. Chicken of Doom – I have seen it, it is a Hawk that cheesily comes into view on the left side of the mountain. You see it best when you are in the middle of the train. It just slowly comes into view and somehow the bird flies backward right before the train slides backward toward the mountain.

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