TDC#200 Disneyland 1976

my Nana was there in 1976!

Crank up the Way Back Machine, guys, we’re headed to 1976 and Disneyland! Be sure to take a copy of this guidebook with youthough, so you’ll know your “Big 11” from you “Deluxe” ticket books!

my BFF is soooooo cute!!!!

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And a big thank you to EVERYONE that listens, whether you are able to take a moment to call (Thanks Rich!) or write or write an intro (Thanks Jeff!), send a tweet or just download! WE APPRECIATE YOU AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys make this fun and we are grateful!

Please check out our Facebook page for a little D&B give away anniversary goodness!*

*Don’t freak out, it’s not an entire purse or anything.


1 thought on “TDC#200 Disneyland 1976

  1. Wow. I have been so self absorbed and I didn’t even realize you were having your 200th show this week… Congrats 🙂

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