TDC #205: Tips for Cruising Disney Style

This week, we are once again discussing cruising Disney style – this time, Lisa is giving her tips to make your first DCL Cruise a great one! And don’t wear shorts to dinner, OK? Then Jonathon Dichter shares a little trip report about his first Disney cruise this past spring.

i wonder what cabin lisa & trace are staying in?

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MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL —- are YOU playing Pirates of the Caribbean?? Yes? No? Look me up and give me gems. PLEASE!!!!!!!! This is sort of boat related so……..

Muppet76663 invites you to play Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas. Install the game and enter the code P8D4I3 to receive a reward. (Enter the code from the OPTIONS menu.)


5 thoughts on “TDC #205: Tips for Cruising Disney Style

  1. Arergh, I need gems in that game, too! In Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas game app, enter this code in Options I1K9M6 (1st letter is capital i) for a bonus from me, DisneyEcho! And please add me to your crew, too. I gift well every day. ^_^

    • To enter those codes (one at a time), tap the wrench icon on the lower right corner of the game’s main screen. Then tap the “GO” button next to “Promotional Code”. Then tap “NEXT” after reading what Captain Jack Sparrow wants you to know about that. Then type in (or paste in) the code at the torn paper area on the screen. Then tap the “OK” button. Savvy?

  2. Lisa and I have found that a promo code can be used once code per activated game per iPhone. The same code can be used by many people on different iPhones, but after you have used a promotional code on your iPhone then no other promo codes will work on it. This wasn’t clear to me at first.

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