TDC# 248 Alice

photo credit OMD blog

photo credit OMD blog

This week brings us an Alice filled extravaganza featuring the Minnie Minxes! This show completes that whole Alice book club thingy with the big fat cherry on top that is the wonderful Kim and Michelle! As part of our Alice discussion we talk about:

You’ll also hear a good deal of Alice music floating around in the background, as well as this fabulous Tom Lehrer number. And, of course, a very silly Nikki Minaj parody that’s been floating around in my head for about a year – it’s a bit rough but it seemed the perfect place to just drop it down. Enjoy!

So where else do you find Aliconian ideals or influence or wonder or nonsense on a great and grand scale….. Where does this, if at all, infiltrate your life? Anyone? Anyone?

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