No Show This Week

Greetings all – I (Lisa) am still trying to figure out how to edit (quickly) in the “new” GarageBand – oh my, my head hurts! Between Jennifer and her family being so busy, Trace graduating and trying to deal with the loss of my beloved Magpie AND having Cookie, our Boston, suffering from a sudden, severe and (hopefully) reversible back injury and get going on packing….. I’m just trying to figure out HOW THE HECK TO EDIT MY AUDIO and not have a coronary!

My plan is to get the show I am working on finished and posted by this weekend, then likely we will take a long bye until I return from Alaska AND TALK MORE ABOUT THAT. 🙂

Thank you so much for your patience!!

PS I hate Mavericks
PPS I hate GarageBand 10.0


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