TDC #300: Maleficent

This week, we discuss the movie Maleficent, which Jennifer has seen only 1/3 as many times as has Lisa.

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2 thoughts on “TDC #300: Maleficent

  1. The window that King Stefan was looking at did contain Maleficent’s wings. The pink fairy was in Harry Potter.

      • Thanks for responding, Heather! Do you recall did they actually show the wings before Aurora found them (and we realize he was in the room with them) or is it just him maniacally staring as they imply? We just watched Elysium last night and the Stephan guy is in that and he seemed to be about the same character wise with the same accent! I know he is in District 9 and people rave about that. And yes, wasn’t at least that one “main”/pink fairy am evil teacher on Harry Potter(like that so narrows it down!!)?

        Thanks for your comments!!!!


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