TDC#266 Bryan and His Magic Bands

This week, Bryan Ripper joins the Cat(s) to talk about his My Disney Experience/Magic Bands “experience” and shares some pointers.


Lisa is looking forward to trying them out on her upcoming trip AND learning not to mute her microphone.

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TDC#92 Bridezilla Attacks!

Last week both Cats were out of town, Jennifer in beautiful Hawaii, Lisa in Texas. Cat #2 thought she’d take the mic and ask her very own Disney Dude how she was rating thus far on the “Bridezilla Scale”. She’s sorry she asked. Is it worse to be  Disney Bridezilla or a Disney Zombie Princess?

Check out these”Disney Inspired” Fashions –

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TDC#73: The Fest That Dare Not Speak Its Name!!

Those-Darn-Cats-LG-LogoThis week, we are joined by The Skurvy Monkeys AND The Disney Dudes to talk about, well, you know what we mean, we just can’t actually SAY it…. but we are all just sure that this December will bring plenty of good, clean fun and festing for all the fans of the Mouse – especially since it sounds like both Cats will be in the hizz-ouse! This rambling round table goes off topic AND off color, we are counting on the Monkeys of course to do what they will with the “uncensored” version…

So what IS going on this December? Well…

We are sure there are TONS more – what will YOU be doing in the parks?  Up for a meet up or three? In addition to stalking Matt Hochberg and joining in on the many planned and spontaneous get-togethers sure to develop, tentative TDC plans may include:

  • 12/10 Yehaa Bob Sing Along
  • 12/11 am Segway Tour
  • There must be a time for the THIRD annual Girl’s Ride Out!

2007_12090010                            2008_12140135

TDC#54 Go With the Flow…

OK, try and keep up….Cat #2 went to see Jai Pausch speak in Virginia Beach. She got to meet her pal Airdrie, of the Lipgloss and Laptops podcast, in personwhen Airdrie came to visit and hear Jai speak. They also visited Dumbo in Washington DC. Catch “The Last Lecture” here.
photo credit: talkingtoair
photo credit: talkingtoair


photo credit: talkingtoair
photo credit: talkingtoair


photo credit: talkingtoair

photo credit: talkingtoair



    Airdrie and Jai


 Then we talk about The Jackson 5, self exams (parts is parts), Star Trek, dreams come true, and how long Disney’s anniversaries last.

Check out:

Cat #1 and the Whatchamacallit at AnimeCon


Oh, and Mamie is home and doing well! 🙂

TDC #52 Beaches and Cream!

Welcome to episode 52! This week, we discuss Cat #2’s recent visit to Beaches and Cream with Trace and me old(e) china plate, Karen from Ye Olde England-e.

CM Brad so totally rocks! Dude!

CM Brad so totally rocks! Dude!

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We discuss Magic Meets, last year’s side trip to Hershey’s Chocolate World (the cows are Olympia, Gabby and Harmony – and thankfully NOT Crispy). Shockingly, we wander a bit off topic and discuss some favorite childhood treats! 

yummy! yummy! yummy! yummy!

yummy! yummy! yummy! yummy!

crazy delicious!

crazy delicious!



We then hear a little “vintage” Disneyland audio, including what is listed as “Disneyland’s ‘Blast from the Past'” parade. This is what I found of corresponding name and date on youtube:

This video, clearly not the parade in its entirety, contains very little of the audio in the “official” recording we’ve included on this week’s show. The audio is intriguing as I am trying to imagine what characters are doing in some of these scenes. The video seems to show some of those characters I imagined on floats doing numbers running along before and after floats (note to DL parade developers: put the CHARACTERS on the floats, not the weird people dressed up like musical notes. hello??). Anyways, who knew there were Disney parades featuring the Three Stooges?

Also, The Disney Feud starts up this week – check out the Cats along with the Whatchamacallit and Mr. Matthew Hochberg next week! And you can find that Disney Dudes show here!

So, come on along now!

TDC#50 – Stacey, What Happened????

And it’s not what you think – NOT the economy, NOT global relations, NOT the lack of giraffes on the Savannah. No, it’s Stacey! What in the name of all that is mouse-tastic is have they done OUR MY STACEY?????????


now THATS our Stacy!

now THATS our Stacey!

Ms. Aswad has a GREAT website and supports a charity – check it out! There ae like 8 gorgeous pics of Stacy that you can get autographed for a donation to helping stop animal cruelty – and not a heinous outfit amongst’em!

Don’t forget to check over on Tairy’s blog to find out how you can help out her charity drive.

Also make sure YOU get to be among the surveyed for the DISNEY FEUD!!!!!!

TDC#49 – Pintastic!

Welcome to show number 49! We are most fortunate to be joined by Pin Guy Extraordinaire John Rick of The Disney Pincast, Celebrations magazine and Central Jersey Pin Traders. We discuss Kim Possible pins, general pin trading topics and a mysterious little fellow named Bobby Pinback…..

unknown lil' cutie holding a Bobby plushie

unknown lil' cutie holding a Bobby plushie

Then we recall a time when Cat #1 had lots and lots of fun…

Be vewy vewy quiet.... We playing pin bingo....

Be vewy vewy quiet.... We playing pin bingo....

We also mention:

And, side note, Cat#2 came home with a few cool new pins after Tracefest (though her Rufus pin went 101 on Main street)…


Run, Lisa, Run!!!!! or Those Darn Cats, Episode #35

2009_01110013OK – Cat#2 is still in a post half marathon semi-coma AND has to go to work soon…. Sooooooo, our show notes are somewhat abbreviated… But hasn’t it been said that a picture is worth a thousand words?  Yes? Well, here are a few thousand for you – Enjoy!!



"If Bruce Dickinson says it needs more cowbell....."


 A few other post-marathon weekend resources include:


Nightmare at MCO


I thought only canines begged…

tink1   but Kitty Kats can too!!!!

Consider, if you will, sending an email over to the boys at AATM at: or alternatively welovelisa’ – to wit:

Christmas Carol Contest
 Then email us at to cast your vote for the best Christmas Carol….. 
All votes must be cast by Monday January 5th and the winner will be announced on our January 9th show, episode 91.
Click on this link to hear the competition… do NOT be swayed by the musical stylings of one Big Brian, however!  He can be quite spellbinding!