TDC# 186 Lisa Rambles

Well folks, it’s happened – the TDC show well ran dry! But have no fear, loyal listeners, Cat #2 has a few ramblings to share, we’ll take a bye next week and be back February 15th with an all new extravaganza!

In the meantime, here’s what’s on Cat #2’s mind:


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TDC#185 Disney Misconceptions & Book Club Announcement

Cat#2 is still freaked out about the whole non-leather purse thing, so we discuss this and other Disney related misconceptions. We’ve also selected our next book club pick – Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

You can find free online resources to our book club choice here at Project (Steve) Gutenberg.

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TDC# 134 Reflectrions of Christmas 2010

Welcome to the New Year! The Cats are reminiscing about Christmas pass and all the Disney goodness (or not) they encountered. These pictures will make more sense if you’ve already heard the show…..

Christmas goodies!

The Lord is risen?

For your own future holiday light extravaganzas, check out:


Trace and Lisa are webcasting their wedding ceremony. If you want to check it out – LIVE!- heres what you need to do!

STVS WEDDING VIDEOS will be webcasting, LIVE, the Farry/Jennings wedding ceremony on January 25, 2011.
Please follow the instructions below to view this event.  (*Please note:  This is NOT the feed from our wedding video cameras, this is the feed from our webcam, only.)  The viewer window is not resizable, due to server limitations.
2. Click on the “Live Webcast” button.
3. If requested, type in the username and password, exactly as below, all lower case.
username:  blu-ray
password:  magic

4. You may have to click on the “live Webcast” button again to gain access to the webcast page.
5. You will now see the “Webcast Viewer”. (This may take 15 seconds to load.)
We will begin transmitting approximately 10 minutes before the time of the event.  If you arrive at this page earlier than 10 minutes, you will see a series of pictures fading on and off the screen.  Wait until 10 minutes before the event time and refresh your screen.  It may take 15 seconds for the “Viewer” to reload again, so be patient.  When you see a wide shot of the ceremony location, you are viewing the webcast.  Be sure to refresh your screen 10 minutes before the event time.

And We’re Back! TDC #119 – Eat, Drink and Blog Merrily

As Cat #1 recovers from her WDW sickness and Cat #2 prepares more wedding invitations, we’ve got a show for you touching on EPCOT’s upcoming Food & Wine Festival, our favorite treats from around the World (men’s pocky anyone?) (did you know there are three kinds of pocky people?) and get to talk to blogger and friend of the show, Andy, about his year old blog, Eating (and Drinking) Around the World.

And then I curse alot at the end. Enjoy!!

Look for Cat #2 on next week’s Inside Disney Weddings Radio podcast from friend of the show Carrie and her co-host Scott! Their show this week features the “Wishes” Wedding Package from Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and I’ve been invited on to discuss our particulars (I left out the whole wrong invite issue). Look for me in the coming week!

TDC#80 The Non-MFer Preview!

They must be a little early for Non-MFer (wrong Coast as well)...

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Where are the Cats planning to be at any given moment? Find out here! We discuss a variety of meets we are looking forward to over the next 2 weeks! Further info on meets can be found at the following:

There’s also Pixelmania, probably some kind of Lou Mongello thingy, DIS people everywhere!!!!! And then there’s that Girl’s Ride Out, Sunday, 10am at the Haunted Mansion. Maybe we’ll see you there? Follow on twitter as well, to catch on the scene info! “ThoseDarnCats”!

****Garageband FAIL! Oh boy – How freaky is the editing on this show??? Levels, mixing and synching promise to improve quickly!!

TDC#50 – Stacey, What Happened????

And it’s not what you think – NOT the economy, NOT global relations, NOT the lack of giraffes on the Savannah. No, it’s Stacey! What in the name of all that is mouse-tastic is have they done OUR MY STACEY?????????


now THATS our Stacy!

now THATS our Stacey!

Ms. Aswad has a GREAT website and supports a charity – check it out! There ae like 8 gorgeous pics of Stacy that you can get autographed for a donation to helping stop animal cruelty – and not a heinous outfit amongst’em!

Don’t forget to check over on Tairy’s blog to find out how you can help out her charity drive.

Also make sure YOU get to be among the surveyed for the DISNEY FEUD!!!!!!

TDC#49 – Pintastic!

Welcome to show number 49! We are most fortunate to be joined by Pin Guy Extraordinaire John Rick of The Disney Pincast, Celebrations magazine and Central Jersey Pin Traders. We discuss Kim Possible pins, general pin trading topics and a mysterious little fellow named Bobby Pinback…..

unknown lil' cutie holding a Bobby plushie

unknown lil' cutie holding a Bobby plushie

Then we recall a time when Cat #1 had lots and lots of fun…

Be vewy vewy quiet.... We playing pin bingo....

Be vewy vewy quiet.... We playing pin bingo....

We also mention:

And, side note, Cat#2 came home with a few cool new pins after Tracefest (though her Rufus pin went 101 on Main street)…


TDCs #38 – Cruisefest – part deux!!












The Flat Cats enjoy an adult beverage at the Diversions Lounge on the Wonder

The final tidbits from last years Mousefest Cruise are here for your listening enjoyment! You will also hear from a few of the following folks –
  • Don – Duck Addict – he answers a question from the Mega Mouse Meet! 

    Sorry Steve, Don was the ORIGINAL Girl's Ride Out Crossdresser...


  • Big Brian gives us a little station identification
  • Tairy Rich, from Little Red’s Writing Hood and the Disney Tidbits – Did You Know? podcasts, tells us about a new charitable endeavor she is embarking on – and contributes to the poetry corner!

Remember – the Cats have voicemail now! Drop us a line! 757-337-6832

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