TDC# 124 A Beauty and the Beast Sing Along Experience!

Trace and Lisa recently attended the “Beauty and the Beast Sing Along” and have returned with this live event audio! Cat #2 recorded discussion and the movie intro – featuring American Idol alum Jordin Sparks (and her remake of the titular tune*) – was recorded on the iPhone so pre-apologies for some of the uneven sound quality… We are joined after the show by friend of the Disney Dude podcast (and Disney Triviateer!) Michael McNeil for discussion after.

“My time with the Disney Store and with the trivia competition was an experience I will not forget,” said 1990 champion Michael McNiel from the Disney Store at North Park Center in Dallas, Texas. “I always hope there is more to my life than just that, but it was a great piece of my life. The best thing about all of it was not winning – that’s great to start a conversation with, though – but the enjoyment of the trip and the people I met made it the experience that it was. The people I know from the Disney Store make up the very core group of the best people I know in the world. I can’t think of many times I could say that about a job or a contest.”

Did you go sing??


* I’ve just always wanted to use the word “titular”.