TDC#277 Frozen and the Bechdel Test

Hello podcast listeners, Lisa here. there is alot going on in this week’s show – Snowball greets us and then we talk about Frozen, a bunch of other Disney movies and the Bechdel test. I just want to say here and now, that I liked Frozen fine. I give it a C+/B-. Perhaps I will like it more on repeat viewings, but it’s fine they made that. I think it is awesome that people seem so into it though, even if I don’t really get it – I mean, I’ve got friends on their 5th and 6th viewings! Glad this movie should be a hit for Disney, but I found it a bit… derivative (HAHAHAHAHAH you are saying IT’S DISNEY DUH). I really had high hopes to craft an amazing music montage highlighting some of Frozen’s soundtrack with other songs I feel are VERY similar (insert Wicked soundtrack here). But OK. That didn’t really happen, but go with me in spirit, K? 🙂

Next week we will be back with everything Reunion 2013 – and maybe a little more Snowball. Happy Holidays!

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