TDC# 240 Disney Food Myths


This week, Andy, from Eating (and Drinking) Around the World, joins Lisa to discuss Disney food myths and clear up whatever it is Lisa thought was going on with the California Grill refurb.

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TDC#164 The “Pooh Sized” Controversy

pooh sized?

Before we embark on a two week break (back August 24th!), we thought we’d stir the bubbling cauldron that is the Refillable Mug Controversy and add a pinch of Pooh.

Yes, it’s the “Pooh Sized Debate” courtesy of some favorite blog reads lately and those marvelous interwebz where all is quiet and peaceful, all the time.

And for your browsing pleasure, teh links:

For some thought provoking size related reading/commentary, Cat #2 recommends:
August 7th is the 2nd annual “Be Body Positive” Day – what are YOU going to do in all your Pooh, Ursula, Robin Hood or Tink sized glory, hmmmmm?
Our next Book Club choice is “Spinning Disney’s World: Memories of a Magic Kingdom Press Agent” (from Intrepid Traveler Publishing) written by Charles “Charlie” Ridgway. Follow the link for more info and/or seek this out on your favorite online book site or brick & mortar establishment. We look forward to discussing this book (with a listener or two perhaps?) come end of September.

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UPDATE: Cat #2 just came across this blog today and I’m digging it! Used to be called “Young, Fat and Fabulous” now gabifresh . Some nice body accepting links on her blogroll as well.

And We’re Back! TDC #119 – Eat, Drink and Blog Merrily

As Cat #1 recovers from her WDW sickness and Cat #2 prepares more wedding invitations, we’ve got a show for you touching on EPCOT’s upcoming Food & Wine Festival, our favorite treats from around the World (men’s pocky anyone?) (did you know there are three kinds of pocky people?) and get to talk to blogger and friend of the show, Andy, about his year old blog, Eating (and Drinking) Around the World.

And then I curse alot at the end. Enjoy!!

Look for Cat #2 on next week’s Inside Disney Weddings Radio podcast from friend of the show Carrie and her co-host Scott! Their show this week features the “Wishes” Wedding Package from Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and I’ve been invited on to discuss our particulars (I left out the whole wrong invite issue). Look for me in the coming week!