Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen! Ahhhhh, to be young again…. OK, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, it’s Those Darn Cats!

First up, we talk with Trace Jennings, a previous guest, Lisa’a ToonFest partner and President of The Chapter In-Between out of DFW about the NFFC, the National Fantasy Fan Club, a national organization of Disney enthusiasts. Lisa wants to start a Virginia chapter, so if you live in the Commonwealth and have $29 – email her at: or and let’s talk!


Here are a few pics from this past weekends NFFC/Capter In-Between meeting out of DFW:

Trace's Local Chapter Member of the Year certificate!

can you identify the man in blue?

NFFC In-Betweeners treasure hunting!


Then Jennifer gets in the Meow Mix with Disney Fan Chris Nolin. Chris recommends some great Disney reads, perhaps a little off the beaten path:

And you may even hear Bette Midler get a little unruly! OK, maybe that has more to do with Lisa’s editing skills, but, after you listen, you’ll know what I mean!! Thanks for listening and Happy Back to School!

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