TDC #264: Salute to Cast Members

cup of water in to-go cup

Sometimes little things go a long way

In celebration of Labor Day, we discuss our experiences with outstanding Cast Members, and talk about the importance of Cast Members both onstage and backstage.

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Jennifer’s written about quite a few Cast Members in her Jentasmic! column at Studios Central:


TDC# 239 Name Badges

Yehaa Bob Jackson was recently awarded the very prestigious Disney Legacy Award and that honor leads to our discussion about Disney Name Badges – and the discovery of the very cool Name Tag Museum.

You can find Bob’s t-shirts and CDs here!

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TDC#116 Motel Kids of the OC

This weeks show features a discussion about the recent documentary, “Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County”, showing currently on HBO.  Charities featured in the documentary include:

Jennifer’s Broke Hoedown and Jentasmic Columns can be found here and here. As a public service, no links to the “Mickey’s Gonna Dance Now!” song will be provided.

TDC #98 Even More Feedback! And Yes, We Know We Forgot KISS….

Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback!! YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK!!!!   DUDE!!!!!! Now for some link love:

  •   What is a “Reflectrion” – of Earth or otherwise?
  • Can of Worms – Cat #2’s personal feeling is that, in the olden days (when she was a kid), people dug up worms out of the ground and put them in an empty container, most likely a can. Or some tupperware, if it were handy.
  • Jentasmic!
  • Coconut Wireless suggest this:    
  • Really, what is there to say about this picture? It’s like a princess and her poorly dressed older sister are trying to fill up a birdbath. With what? We can’t be sure. Check out more on the very interesting and slightly bizarre TDS Wedding website…