TDC #229: Holiday Favorites

Gingerbread House at Grand Floridian

One of Jennifer’s favorites: The gingerbread house at Grand Floridian

We talk this week about our favorite holiday happenings at Disney Parks, mostly Walt Disney World. Then, we listen to some festive music from Disneyland Paris.

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TDC#180 The Random Episode

walter, a manly muppet, going for a ride in my car. how’s that for random?

This weeks show brings random discussion and reveals that, yes, Cat #2 is a flamer. Le sigh. Information you might want to follow up on include –

And again, we will be taking a bye the week of 12/28/2011.

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TDC#83 Happy Holidays!

Gather family, friends, kittens and pups and enjoy these sounds of the season (but mostly of Christmas).


  • Christmas Time Is Here – Charlie Brown Christmas/Vince Guaraldi Trio
  • Intro Guys and some Barking Dogs
  • Xmas Main Street Electrical Parade – DLParis
  • We are Santa’s Elves – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  • God Rest Ye Merry Kitty Cats – Ask Jeff W. where he found that gem
  • Sleigh Ride – Diana Krall
  • Radio Spot – DL 1999
  • Candelight Reflections- Tokyo Disney Seas, Harborside Christmas
  • Trim Up The Tree – The Whos in Whoville
  • Station Identification and Muppet Break courtesy of Mike Fess
  • Santa Mickey – Cat #2
  • I’ll Be Seeing You – Peggy Lee
  • Welcome Christmas – The Whos (from Whoville)
  • The Christmas Song – Alvin, Simon, Theodore

And thanks to Steve Swanson for putting together a wonderful reading of “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause” featuring many of our favorite podcasters and friends!! Seasons Greetings and blessings in the New Year!!

TDC#47 An Incredible Simulation!

OK, people, here we go – We start off fast and furious with our own Isaac Strayes and the Tabbie Cats doing their own rendition of that fabulous, funky, defining a generation movie theme – “Cats! (Right On!)”, then we visit the Poetry Corner for a little beat inspired wackiness. Then the tangents begin to fly. Witness:
  • ednaEdna says:  “Dahlings, I think you are a bit confused on the whole 60’s/Mod/Nehru fashion happenings, dahlings! A Nehru jacket, my feline friends, involve  the collar. Beatles’ suits? NO COLLARS.” 
  • Chipmunks!!  
  • The Fish are Friends, Not Food Finding Nemo Meet – ahhhh the memories and the SHIIINNNNNEEYYYYYYY!!!! OOOOOHHHHHH!!  2008_12120383


I thought only canines begged…

tink1   but Kitty Kats can too!!!!

Consider, if you will, sending an email over to the boys at AATM at: or alternatively welovelisa’ – to wit:

Christmas Carol Contest
 Then email us at to cast your vote for the best Christmas Carol….. 
All votes must be cast by Monday January 5th and the winner will be announced on our January 9th show, episode 91.
Click on this link to hear the competition… do NOT be swayed by the musical stylings of one Big Brian, however!  He can be quite spellbinding!

TDC #33: Seasons Greetings!

Santa Pikachu, spotted at Mitsukoshi Department Store, December 2008

Santa Pikachu, spotted at Mitsukoshi Department Store, December 2008

Happy holidays to all our listeners! On this week’s show, we shout out to more than a few of you, and give you our best wishes for a festive holiday season and a bright, shiny New Year. Then, we play holiday tunes from Disney parks around the world!

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The music featured this week includes:

  • Tokyo Disneyland Main Entrance Christmas Area background music loop, as background for the Cats discussion
  • Holiday Graveyard Party, from Disneyland Anaheim
  • Stardust Christmas 1995, from Tokyo Disneyland
  • Happy Holiday Christmas 1996, from Tokyo Disneyland
  • A Magical Christmas (aka Baroque Hoedown Christmas Mix), from Disneyland Paris

And yeah, Jennifer couldn’t resist throwing a weird bonus track at the very end….can anybody out there name that tune?