TDC#192 D23’s Marceline Event

Trace at the Dreaming Tree

Trace was able to join D23 in Marceline for their “Journey to Marceline” event last week. He joins Cat #2 to discuss the fun!

D23 event staffers at Walt’s farm

Marceline postmark

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TDC# 68 More D23 Mishaps and In the Mode

untitledWe start off with Lisa’s rant about the continuing D23 saga – she’s a wee bit upset with the trials and tribulations associated with all those “free gifts”…




Trace, one of the Disney Dudes, met a TDC listener while enjoying the Christmas Carol Train Tour in Dallas and recorded some thoughts – although I don’t think we know the name of listener – but she certainly identified Trace…. Cat #2’s other current obsession is Project Runway – and she’s hoping a little Disney magic will invade the reality show.                                                                   edna

And who WAS that with the “new” theme song, anyway? Eh, it was these guys.

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*Lisa has since received the lithograph and pin. Now we wait to see which residence will recieve the next set of magazines….. TO BE CONTINUED…..

TDC #58 Happy Birthday, Donald!

Donald’s Birthday is being celebrated all over the place, even on Those Darn Cats! We begin with a little project we’ve been working on for a while – who says we’ve all had enough with all the Disney podcasts? Certainly not Cats 1 & 2!  In our discussion segment, we are joined by the Whatchamacallit in discussing Donald’s 75th.  In the podcast, you might also hear about:

So tell us, are YOU a Donald fan? Perhaps just a Duck fan in general? Do you think any Disney characters attract a certain….. “type”? If so, we’d LOVE to hear about it!!!!!

TDC #48: Ryan in a Kilt, and Then Some

We start out talking about the fabulous, gender-bending Ryan Evans doll that Lisa found for Jennifer at her local K-Mart…and end up in uncharted waters. Really, we didn’t expect to be talking about cat pee.

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We also find ourselves talking about MouseFest, and D23, and Brazilian tour groups….there is something for everybody! Well, everybody who’s ready for PG-13 entertainment, and doesn’t mind some weird tangents.