TDC#152 C’mon Ride the Lillie Belle!

This weeks show includes a “Spring Fling“, a ride around Disneyland on the Lillibelle and a little snippet from “the Barker Bird” (as in barker, not Barker).

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TDC# 111 Parisian Pirates En Parade!

Another journey this week into some park audio – this time, Disneyland Paris and POTC! We’ll hear park BRM for POTC (heh- love those abbreviations!!), then a musical ride through of the Parisian POTC followed by the actual ride through, en francais. My step-dad’s (god rest his soul) FAVORITE Randy Newman song brings it all home. Enjoy!!

say "ARGGGG!!!"

TDC# 110 TDL and “Europe in the Air”

This weeks show includes audio from the Tokyo Disneyland productions Fiesta Tropical and Sebastian’s Caribbean Carnival! Next is a ride through and review of Williamsburg, Virginia’s own Busch Gardens’ newest ride, “Europe in the Air”.

TDC#104 The Happiest Place on Earth

This weeks show brings an hour of scintillating park audio and trip report from the recent Westfest trip. You can also check out both the Skurvy Monkey’s and the Disney Dude’s recent episode for more trip report goodness! We’re saving back specific Club 33 details for a future show!

TDC#92 Bridezilla Attacks!

Last week both Cats were out of town, Jennifer in beautiful Hawaii, Lisa in Texas. Cat #2 thought she’d take the mic and ask her very own Disney Dude how she was rating thus far on the “Bridezilla Scale”. She’s sorry she asked. Is it worse to be  Disney Bridezilla or a Disney Zombie Princess?

Check out these”Disney Inspired” Fashions –

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TDC #59: Star Tours Two-Point-Noooooooo!

The Cats and The Watchamacallit with Matt Hochberg of Studios Central at Star Wars Weekends 2008

The Cats and The Watchamacallit with Matt Hochberg of Studios Central at Star Wars Weekends 2008

We sure do love our Star Tours! Not that we don’t get distracted by other things of course, including Jeff W’s karaoke hit, Disney Mountain High.

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Okay peeps, surely you’ve heard the rumors all over the interwebs about Star Tours 2.0, but here’s some handy links in case you’ve fallen behind:

We also recommend trolling for new rumors over at the community forums, where there’s a current thread discussing the Slashfilm article above.

TDC#50 – Stacey, What Happened????

And it’s not what you think – NOT the economy, NOT global relations, NOT the lack of giraffes on the Savannah. No, it’s Stacey! What in the name of all that is mouse-tastic is have they done OUR MY STACEY?????????


now THATS our Stacy!

now THATS our Stacey!

Ms. Aswad has a GREAT website and supports a charity – check it out! There ae like 8 gorgeous pics of Stacy that you can get autographed for a donation to helping stop animal cruelty – and not a heinous outfit amongst’em!

Don’t forget to check over on Tairy’s blog to find out how you can help out her charity drive.

Also make sure YOU get to be among the surveyed for the DISNEY FEUD!!!!!!

Run, Lisa, Run!!!!! or Those Darn Cats, Episode #35

2009_01110013OK – Cat#2 is still in a post half marathon semi-coma AND has to go to work soon…. Sooooooo, our show notes are somewhat abbreviated… But hasn’t it been said that a picture is worth a thousand words?  Yes? Well, here are a few thousand for you – Enjoy!!



"If Bruce Dickinson says it needs more cowbell....."


 A few other post-marathon weekend resources include:


Nightmare at MCO


TDC #32 (ARE WE REALLY UP TO 32????) – MouseFesting!


me and my bff

So, i just got back yesterday afternoon, Jennifer last night… and boy, are our arms tired! Heh! In any event, here’s a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ to tide you over till we can blog and podcast indepth about the Fest that was MouseFest 2008!


Steve gives new meaning to "Drag yourself to the dead center..."