TDC#309 ATC Juju!



Lisa shares her experience with the new DL park experience – the Adventure Trading Company and Juju Quest!

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TDC #252 50 Years of the Tiki Room!


In preparation for Trace’s trip to DL to attend the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room at the end of the month, we put together a few factoids and thoughts about the great was-once-gonna-be-a-restaurant feathered animatronic extravaganza!

Also, look out for this book of essays Jennifer mentioned: Disneyland and Culture: Essays on the Parks and Their Influence.

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TDC #247: Limited Time Magic

Towel Animals

Towel animals are magical for only a limited time. Even if you bring them home. They kinda fall apart eventually.

This show will be magical for only a limited time! Well that’s kind of a lie. It’ll probably be here on the internets forever, long after we’re all gone. Unlike the dragon that flew over Fantasyland for the press that night. Not that we’re bitter or anything.

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Jennifer wrote a column on Limited Time Magic for StudiosCental a while back. It’ll probably be around forever too. So you can read it anytime, really. No hurry.

TDC #241: Trains

Magic Kingdom Railroad

This week, we discuss Walt Disney’s love of railroad trains, and other forms of track-based public transit.

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This episode was inspired by the book Walt and the Promise of Progress City, by Sam Gennawey. We’ve got an extra copy to give away! To enter the giveaway, go to our Facebook page and comment on the post announcing this episode; after one week, we’ll pick a name at random to win the book.

We also are joined in this podcast not only by Trace and Greg, but also by the loudest pug in the wilderness, Roxxy. She’s especially noticeable at about 21 minutes into the show. Let me tell you, people who are light sleepers should not have pugs in the house.

Mo Pettin Mo Problems

TDC# 217 DL Half Marathon trip Report

coast to coast baby!

This week’s show begins the rehashing of all things Disneyland, DL Half Marathon and Lisa’s recent trip! Here are a few more photographic highlights –

run, edna, run!

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More links!

miles, jonathon and amber sighting/carthay circle (note my delicious martini in the foreground)

TDC#202 Jonathon Dichter and the Disneyland Half

This week, Cat #2 is joined (via phone – forgive the spotty connection at times) by the one, the only Jonathon “The Voice” Dichter for a discussion of all things Disneyland Half Marathon!  You can find Jonathon here on his blog, The Voice of Mousetunes, or here, if you are looking for info about the incredible sounding Pacific North West Mouse Meets (make plans now for next year!).

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You will also hear the kazoo stylings of the one, the only Brian “Kazoo” Martsolf, formerly known as “Big Brian”.

TDC#200 Disneyland 1976

my Nana was there in 1976!

Crank up the Way Back Machine, guys, we’re headed to 1976 and Disneyland! Be sure to take a copy of this guidebook with youthough, so you’ll know your “Big 11” from you “Deluxe” ticket books!

my BFF is soooooo cute!!!!

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And a big thank you to EVERYONE that listens, whether you are able to take a moment to call (Thanks Rich!) or write or write an intro (Thanks Jeff!), send a tweet or just download! WE APPRECIATE YOU AND THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys make this fun and we are grateful!

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*Don’t freak out, it’s not an entire purse or anything.

TDC# 172 Tips for Club 33 and “Marceline”

"c" is for "cookie" AND "club 33" - and that's good enough for me!

This week’s show finds Lisa telling us all about how to dress (no swimwear), behave (no cursing) and enjoy Disneyland’s Club 33 (get lots of sparkly cookies!). You can find our review of a past visit to Club 33 here.

We are also sharing information on the documentary “Marceline” from independent filmmakers Andy & Sara Neitzert. We will be talking with them in an upcoming show about their documentary, but in the meantime YOU can help these filmmakers get their film submitted to film festivals around the country – and helping them to secure distribution assistance so more people can see this great slice of americana – by spreading the word about “Marceline” via social media and donating a buck or two to the cause. TDC# 21 featured Toonfest in Marceline the year Andy & Sara were finishing the documentary.

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TDC #148: Touring Plans and Lines


Trace: A Disney Dude For Sure!

Jennifer loves to talk about Touring Plans and Lines! So even though our good friends in TestaVille (aka the website of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World) could speak much more eloquently on the topic, when Trace had a few questions about how to use these products to squeeze the maximum number of attractions into a single August day at the Magic Kingdom, we just went with it.

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While you’re at it, check out TDC 90, featuring Lines developer Henry Work.

And about those badges? Jennifer’s still a relative neophyte on Lines, but she sure is proud of her Nowhere in Particular badge. Here are her current stats and chats on the Lines app, where she’s known by the user name “kitty-chan.”

Jennifer's badges on Lines

Jennifer's badges on Lines (click the image for a larger version)

TDC #131: Disney and the Future

We’ve got not just one, but two guests this week! Geoff Carter and Constantine von Hoffman join us to talk about futuristic themes and Disney.

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We close out the show this week with a wonderful song by Jonathan Coulton. If you’ve only heard Code Monkey or Still Alive, you totally owe it to yourself to check out a few more of his tunes. And since we ended the podcast with a song that seems like it should be happy but is totally sad, let’s now treat you to the inverse: “I Feel Fantastic.”