TDC#174.5 Happy Halloween!



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TDC #108 The Dish on Club 33

This weeks show is a recounting of the sights, sounds and mysteries of Disneyland’s Club 33, with enhanced podcast-o-vision (TM). A few highlights –



* not the ACTUAL club 33 feminine napkin, but an incredible simulation

And, for your further viewing plaesue, a few moments of video of “the Scary Bird” in it’s natural habitat –

You can find other links to info about Club 33 here or on here. Thanks again to friend of the show, Paul Barrie, Elder Statesman of Disney Podcasts, at Window to the Magic. If you listen to his show, find out about his efforts for a wholly listener sponsored podcast on his site.

TDC#104 The Happiest Place on Earth

This weeks show brings an hour of scintillating park audio and trip report from the recent Westfest trip. You can also check out both the Skurvy Monkey’s and the Disney Dude’s recent episode for more trip report goodness! We’re saving back specific Club 33 details for a future show!

TDC#81 Return to TTNS (with pics!)

HEAR the surprise when they discover the Noodle Terrace is open for business!

FEEL the thrill when Extra Special 3-D Theming is discovered!

SEE it all in lifelike One Dimensional Tiny Pictures!


While Cat #2 and a certain Disney Dude are cruising the high seas, and Cat #1 is preparing to leave for the Non-MFer, we give you this blast from the past….. with a little help from the evil Maggie. And to celebrate the holiday season, let’s listen to a little David Sedaris. Enjoy!