TDC#228 The Belle Experience


Hijinks continue as the Cats and the WatchamaGreg make their way towards some enchanted tale time with Belle (which sounds wrong). Also, F**K THE MAIN STREET BAKERY!!!!!!!


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TDC#216 Imagineering Fantasyland (Corrected link!)

On this week’s show, we present a talk given by Imagineer Chris Beatty on the Disney Fantasy (August 2012). It’s about all the changes coming to Fantasyland, with a few tweaks that were new to us at the time of recording (but are since internet available). It was a great talk – having events like this on the cruise are just another reason Trace & Lisa love cruising (even when it sounds like we don’t).

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TDC #112: Prince Charming Carrousel

"it's a small world" at Disneyland Paris

What better way to celebrate Bastille Day than by listening to odds and ends of Disneyland Paris audio? First, though, we have a few words about the re-naming and new backstory for Prince Charming Carrousel in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Parents, be warned! This one gets kinda weird.

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Shocking as it may sound, when Lisa and Trace visited the newly butch Prince Charming Carousel last weekend, it didn’t seem to have changed at all! Here’s the photographic evidence gathered on their visit:

A new sign!

Lisa asks, perhaps the arrows make this horse more masculine?

You must also immediately go look at the creepy Mickey art on the web site where Jennifer found information on the Grease musical at Disneyland Paris. (Wow, what a sentence that is.)

And of course, Lance Kerwin fans are invited to a nostalgia party right here:

Sorry. Really, we are. Actually, no we’re not. You know how we get sometimes.

TDC #65: A New Fantasyland? What About Boys?

You’ve heard by now about the leaked Fantasyland expansion plans for Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, right? And so you’ve probably already heard the criticism that once again, Disney’s not thinking about boys. I’ll bet you can guess how we feel about that argument!

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Oh, and what the heck…here’s the trailer for Fanboys. Just don’t expect Godfather II or Porky’s, k?