TDC #249: Merida Makeover

Merida Makeover

You knew we were gonna do a show on this, right?

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Here’s Jennifer’s related column, over at StudiosCentral.


TDC#164 The “Pooh Sized” Controversy

pooh sized?

Before we embark on a two week break (back August 24th!), we thought we’d stir the bubbling cauldron that is the Refillable Mug Controversy and add a pinch of Pooh.

Yes, it’s the “Pooh Sized Debate” courtesy of some favorite blog reads lately and those marvelous interwebz where all is quiet and peaceful, all the time.

And for your browsing pleasure, teh links:

For some thought provoking size related reading/commentary, Cat #2 recommends:
August 7th is the 2nd annual “Be Body Positive” Day – what are YOU going to do in all your Pooh, Ursula, Robin Hood or Tink sized glory, hmmmmm?
Our next Book Club choice is “Spinning Disney’s World: Memories of a Magic Kingdom Press Agent” (from Intrepid Traveler Publishing) written by Charles “Charlie” Ridgway. Follow the link for more info and/or seek this out on your favorite online book site or brick & mortar establishment. We look forward to discussing this book (with a listener or two perhaps?) come end of September.

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UPDATE: Cat #2 just came across this blog today and I’m digging it! Used to be called “Young, Fat and Fabulous” now gabifresh . Some nice body accepting links on her blogroll as well.

TDC #65: A New Fantasyland? What About Boys?

You’ve heard by now about the leaked Fantasyland expansion plans for Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, right? And so you’ve probably already heard the criticism that once again, Disney’s not thinking about boys. I’ll bet you can guess how we feel about that argument!

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Some related links:

Oh, and what the heck…here’s the trailer for Fanboys. Just don’t expect Godfather II or Porky’s, k?

TDC#18: A Room of Minnie’s Own

Minnie's to-do list, found on Costanza13's Flickr stream

oes your to-do list look anything like this? If so, then honey, you need to get out more often!!

This week, our friend Eliyanna joins us for a feminist critique of Minnie Mouse’s Country House, with its diet cookies and Cosmousepolitan and all.

She also pointed us to the Minnie’s Country House page at Researching Disney History: Observations, a web site that is now on Jennifer’s must-read list.

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Oh, and about that song Femininity…while Lisa is already a font of Haley Mills knowledge, Jennifer really must watch Summer Magic, because she is curious how it all plays out.  How much is tongue-in-cheek, and how much is for real? This YouTube clip gives some context, but clearly she needs more.

Sigh….as if the Netflix queue wasn’t already long enough, what with all those gory Japanese thrillers and all! At least there is no need to watch tear-jerkers, like Old Yeller or Grave of the Fireflies.

And oh yeah, about that funky boogie train? If you have no idea what Jennifer and the Wachamacallit were talking about, Broke Hoedown’s got you covered.

(And say, did anybody else just lose the game?)

UPDATE: Lisa here – i have never even heard that crazy song! Love the video – on the tip of goofy femininity, I thought I’d throw Ann-Margret into the mix too!! Here’s hoping Minnie and Daisey are also having as much fun with it as Ann and Hayley!! 🙂

TDC#15: Listeners, We Has Them!

We are so very grateful that you kind folks listen to our podcast! On this week’s show, we discuss your comments on our show #12, on Disney male characters from a feminist perspective.

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Also, a special shout-out tonight to Donna/chica and Trace for posting reviews to iTunes. Thanks very much, we appreciate your kind words!

And hey, can anybody out there tell me which well-known, well-loved podcaster can be heard singing Minnie’s Yoo Hoo at the start of today’s show? Yeah, I thought you could.

We are always super-glad to hear from listeners…so don’t be shy people! Leave a comment here, send mail to, send a carrier pigeon, whatever floats your boat. We’re always looking for topics for future shows, and always interested to hear your thoughts on whatever’s on your mind.

TDC #12: Feminist Disney Guys

In this episode, we discuss our favorite and least favorite male Disney characters from a feminist perspective. We also chat about a well-traveled Ewok, over lunch at Le Cellier.

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Last week we referenced Ted Nugent…this week, we may well have just become the first Disney podcast to reference The Second Shift!