TDC#219 Finding Nemo Again

mosaic from cabanas restaurant on the disney dream

On this week’s show, Finding Nemo in 3D – and more!

Plus all this other stuff:

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TDC#47 An Incredible Simulation!

OK, people, here we go – We start off fast and furious with our own Isaac Strayes and the Tabbie Cats doing their own rendition of that fabulous, funky, defining a generation movie theme – “Cats! (Right On!)”, then we visit the Poetry Corner for a little beat inspired wackiness. Then the tangents begin to fly. Witness:
  • ednaEdna says:  “Dahlings, I think you are a bit confused on the whole 60’s/Mod/Nehru fashion happenings, dahlings! A Nehru jacket, my feline friends, involve  the collar. Beatles’ suits? NO COLLARS.” 
  • Chipmunks!!  
  • The Fish are Friends, Not Food Finding Nemo Meet – ahhhh the memories and the SHIIINNNNNEEYYYYYYY!!!! OOOOOHHHHHH!!  2008_12120383


TDC #44: Guilty Pleasures

HSM Pep Rally

How do we start out at “Guilty Pleasures” and end up with “HSM Re-told By Someone Who’s Never Seen It?” Listen to the show, and find out!

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We also take a little spin on the Monorail, enjoy a Poetry Corner courtesy of our friend Jeff, and puzzle with Trace over Pal Mickey’s apparent neurological event at our Fish Are Friends, Not Food Meet at MouseFest 2008. Enjoy!

Fish Are Friends! Not Food!

Fish Are Friends! Not Food!