TDCs #29 So Darn Thankful!


In addition to those some of those everyday, mundane things many of us are thankful for, like oh, I don’t know, stem cell research, friendship, reasonably good health, pets and a roof over our heads, the Cats are also thankful for REALLY important things like:

  • Let’s get small with Miracles from Molecules!
  • Family – from the Whatchamacallit to Cousin Betsy (and others whose names have been changed to protect the innocent), they remind us of from whence we come and show us that Disney truly is “a family problem”…
  • Cous Cous!
  • zkj you know who!
  • Michael Eisner
  • The auditory stylings of one Jeff W.
  • Theming!
  • MouseFest 2008!
  • Satchmo!

On a serious note, We hope this holiday holds some good times for you and yours.


TDC #12: Feminist Disney Guys

In this episode, we discuss our favorite and least favorite male Disney characters from a feminist perspective. We also chat about a well-traveled Ewok, over lunch at Le Cellier.

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Last week we referenced Ted Nugent…this week, we may well have just become the first Disney podcast to reference The Second Shift!