TDC#236 Rate Us Filthy?


So there seem to be some questions about iTunes and last week’s show – download ep#235 here if you didn’t receive it – and that get’s us talking about iTunes, podcasting, ratings, filthy things and the Ramones. Follow that?

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TDC#197 Big Brian Bingo!

It’s the All Big Brian show this week – featuring feedback and voicemail! Of course, we go our own ways as well and discuss:

Check out the very talented Big Brian Martsolf on his new(ish) podcast, Disneyland News Today.

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TDC #179: Listener Comments

TDC Fan Meet at MouseFest 2008

TDC Haunted Mansion Meet at MouseFest 2008

We have listeners! Yay! And we do so love to hear from you. So, this week we’re reading some of your emails.

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The show seems to leave a question unanswered in its opening moments: Why does it require bravery for fans to meet up with Jennifer? And was it in fact a frightening experience for one of our listeners to join Jennifer at the SC11 Conference? The world may never know.

If you’re at WDW this coming weekend, please do say hello to Jennifer! She’s not really that scary. You don’t really need to jump up and down clapping, but she’d appreciate it.  You can find her by tweeting @ThoseDarnCats, or maybe even as Kitty-chan on the WDW Lines app chat.

TDC#154 Burn Out Recovery


So, in the words of “the Jerk” – “..the new Star Tours is here! the new Star Tours is here!” Well, this show is NOT about that, BUT the new Star Tours does happen to be one of those little things that is making Cat #2 just a tiny bit less of a “hater”.

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TDC#135 A Book Club Begins & Those Darn VoiceMails!

Welcome back, fearless listeners! This weeks show contains a backlog of (some time sensitive-oops!) voicemails AND information about our book club project!

There is something fresh about the first novel from Canadian born Bay Area resident Cory Doctorow. Following on from his most obvious predecessor — the one all reviewers will be citing, Bruce Sterling — he has delivered in Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom the kind of science fiction novel that the band They Might Be Giants would have written if they’d OD’d on old cyberpunk novels and back issues of Theme Park Monthly. It’s cool, it’s hip, and it’s fun — but more importantly, it’s about something.

Locus MagazineDecember 2002Issue 503Vol. 49, No. 6

Can you see why this would be a Cat #1 favorite?

We are re-/reading “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom” by Cory Doctorow (and stalking him on twitter, natch*) – and plan to discuss sometime in March. This sci-fi/futuristic/Disney manifesto is a must read for all Disney geeks out there and if you haven’t already made yourself familiar, now is the time – now is the BEST time! Mr. Doctorow has even made this easier by providing about 8,000,000 ways to enjoy this tome in multiple formats. Go here to see the exhaustive list from the man himself.

*Cory was in WDW about a week ago, and Trace tweeted a picture of my copy of DAOITMK to which I added we are doing a book club ——>

He has an Android. Jennifer will be so happy!

Wedding Webcast Info:
Trace and Lisa are webcasting their wedding ceremony. If you want to check it out – LIVE!- heres what you need to do!

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TDC# 123 MORE Listener Feedback!

This week’s show is chock full of listener feedback from past shows. Some of our other topics include:

*Friend of the Show

TDC 105 Tokyo Travel, Weddings and My Own Personal Oprah

In this weeks show, we are joined by the fabulous Carrie Hayward, Editor of E books at PassPorter and Author of PassPorter’s Disney Weddings & Honeymoons. We discuss weddings, travel to Paris and Carrie’s recent trip to visit Tokyo Disney Land and Sea.

You might also enjoy checking out Miss Carrie’s most beautiful wedding on her trip report on the Disboards.

photo credit~ Tokyo Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

The official Tokyo Disney Fairy Tale Weddings site can be found here. Upon further thought, I wonder if you could dress as Mulan at a Tokyo Disney wedding?

Then we follow up with some rather disturbing service monkey tales of terror. Thanks Andy – oh, and Happy Margarita Fest Anniversary! 😉

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TDC #98 Even More Feedback! And Yes, We Know We Forgot KISS….

Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback!! YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK!!!!   DUDE!!!!!! Now for some link love:

  •   What is a “Reflectrion” – of Earth or otherwise?
  • Can of Worms – Cat #2’s personal feeling is that, in the olden days (when she was a kid), people dug up worms out of the ground and put them in an empty container, most likely a can. Or some tupperware, if it were handy.
  • Jentasmic!
  • Coconut Wireless suggest this:    
  • Really, what is there to say about this picture? It’s like a princess and her poorly dressed older sister are trying to fill up a birdbath. With what? We can’t be sure. Check out more on the very interesting and slightly bizarre TDS Wedding website…

    TDC#56 Name That Earworm!!!


    Earworm in captivity - DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO ITS EYES!!!!

    Momentarily inspired by Cat#2’s latest podcast earworm, the Cats did a little research and attempt to discuss all things Earworm! Then we revisit the poetry corner and hear from the former Poet Laureate of the United States, Billy Collins (whose spoken word CDs are fabulous!)  entitled “More Than a Woman” – yes, he means the song. Earworm! You’re welcome

    He also offers a “cure” for earworms at the end of the show. If Mr. Collins’ suggestion do not help you, try this.

    A special shout out here on the blog to listener Michelle who lives in the big northern mitten (that would be Michigan). She spotted the following treasure on sale and sent it into the Cats – he talks!!!!!!!!


    And can you identify any of the (I counted) 16 song snippets in this show (I counted separated tunes as separate entities)?  Lordy…. I hope I counted that right….. 😉