TDC#331 Revisiting Magic Bands with Mike F

Nyan Cat at Walt Disney Studios Paris

this picture has zero to do with anything we talk about but i saw it in our files and the hat is down so there you go/Lisa

Magicbands A Hit! I mean, 10,000,000 bands can’t be wrong! This week, Mike F. joins us and we talk about our recent MB, FP+ & MDE experiences! And the sad news that workers were recently laid off at WDW.

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TDC#275 The New Mickey Cartoons and @$*&! MDE

This week we talk the new Disney Mickey shorts, thanks to the suggestion of friend Grim Noir. Then we share our recent experiences with My Disney Experience. Hope to see some of you at the “F the (Old) Main Street Bakery (and the Coffee Mate Too)” meet on Saturday, December 7th at 2pm – first 5 get a coffee beverage from TDC and we’ve no idea what to do if you show up covered in tinfoil.

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TDC #274: Escape from Tomorrow

Escape from Tomorrow poster

Jennifer took one for the team, and despite all the bad reviews watched the controversial film Escape from Tomorrow, which was shot at Walt Disney World and Disneyland without permission from Disney. Don’t listen to this show with the kids.

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We also announce a Those Darn Cats meet: Saturday, December 7, at 2:00pm we shall gather at the Main Street Bakery to say fuck Coffeemate, and welcome our new Starbucks overlords.

We talk a little bit too about Jennifer’s RFID-blocking duct tape wallet, which she’s blogged about over at Broke Hoedown (pics are at that link).

TDC#266 Bryan and His Magic Bands

This week, Bryan Ripper joins the Cat(s) to talk about his My Disney Experience/Magic Bands “experience” and shares some pointers.


Lisa is looking forward to trying them out on her upcoming trip AND learning not to mute her microphone.

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