TDC #58 Happy Birthday, Donald!

Donald’s Birthday is being celebrated all over the place, even on Those Darn Cats! We begin with a little project we’ve been working on for a while – who says we’ve all had enough with all the Disney podcasts? Certainly not Cats 1 & 2!  In our discussion segment, we are joined by the Whatchamacallit in discussing Donald’s 75th.  In the podcast, you might also hear about:

So tell us, are YOU a Donald fan? Perhaps just a Duck fan in general? Do you think any Disney characters attract a certain….. “type”? If so, we’d LOVE to hear about it!!!!!


TDC #30: Disneyland Records

We’re gonna turn it on! We’re gonna bring you the power!

This week, we’re having another saunter down Memory Lane, this time to those vinyl LPs that some of us grew up with, and especially those from Disneyland Records. We’ll listen to a few nursery rhymes, enjoy songs from The Electric Company and Mickey Mouse Disco, and well, just plain chat.

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And, um yeah, about that Tinkerbell record that Jennifer promised everybody a picture of? Well, here’s the best picture she could get…it was almost as if Tink were fricking with the camera settings somehow, refusing to be photographed.

Just. Plain. Wrong.

Just. Plain. Wrong.