TDC#89 – That Darn Carlo! (Pictures below – worth 1000 words….)

the group

the sneak attack

the take over

and THATS how Castmember Carlo rocked it!


TDC#81 Return to TTNS (with pics!)

HEAR the surprise when they discover the Noodle Terrace is open for business!

FEEL the thrill when Extra Special 3-D Theming is discovered!

SEE it all in lifelike One Dimensional Tiny Pictures!


While Cat #2 and a certain Disney Dude are cruising the high seas, and Cat #1 is preparing to leave for the Non-MFer, we give you this blast from the past….. with a little help from the evil Maggie. And to celebrate the holiday season, let’s listen to a little David Sedaris. Enjoy!

TDC#80 The Non-MFer Preview!

They must be a little early for Non-MFer (wrong Coast as well)...

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Where are the Cats planning to be at any given moment? Find out here! We discuss a variety of meets we are looking forward to over the next 2 weeks! Further info on meets can be found at the following:

There’s also Pixelmania, probably some kind of Lou Mongello thingy, DIS people everywhere!!!!! And then there’s that Girl’s Ride Out, Sunday, 10am at the Haunted Mansion. Maybe we’ll see you there? Follow on twitter as well, to catch on the scene info! “ThoseDarnCats”!

****Garageband FAIL! Oh boy – How freaky is the editing on this show??? Levels, mixing and synching promise to improve quickly!!

TDC#73: The Fest That Dare Not Speak Its Name!!

Those-Darn-Cats-LG-LogoThis week, we are joined by The Skurvy Monkeys AND The Disney Dudes to talk about, well, you know what we mean, we just can’t actually SAY it…. but we are all just sure that this December will bring plenty of good, clean fun and festing for all the fans of the Mouse – especially since it sounds like both Cats will be in the hizz-ouse! This rambling round table goes off topic AND off color, we are counting on the Monkeys of course to do what they will with the “uncensored” version…

So what IS going on this December? Well…

We are sure there are TONS more – what will YOU be doing in the parks?  Up for a meet up or three? In addition to stalking Matt Hochberg and joining in on the many planned and spontaneous get-togethers sure to develop, tentative TDC plans may include:

  • 12/10 Yehaa Bob Sing Along
  • 12/11 am Segway Tour
  • There must be a time for the THIRD annual Girl’s Ride Out!

2007_12090010                            2008_12140135

TDC #48: Ryan in a Kilt, and Then Some

We start out talking about the fabulous, gender-bending Ryan Evans doll that Lisa found for Jennifer at her local K-Mart…and end up in uncharted waters. Really, we didn’t expect to be talking about cat pee.

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We also find ourselves talking about MouseFest, and D23, and Brazilian tour groups….there is something for everybody! Well, everybody who’s ready for PG-13 entertainment, and doesn’t mind some weird tangents.

TDC#47 An Incredible Simulation!

OK, people, here we go – We start off fast and furious with our own Isaac Strayes and the Tabbie Cats doing their own rendition of that fabulous, funky, defining a generation movie theme – “Cats! (Right On!)”, then we visit the Poetry Corner for a little beat inspired wackiness. Then the tangents begin to fly. Witness:
  • ednaEdna says:  “Dahlings, I think you are a bit confused on the whole 60’s/Mod/Nehru fashion happenings, dahlings! A Nehru jacket, my feline friends, involve  the collar. Beatles’ suits? NO COLLARS.” 
  • Chipmunks!!  
  • The Fish are Friends, Not Food Finding Nemo Meet – ahhhh the memories and the SHIIINNNNNEEYYYYYYY!!!! OOOOOHHHHHH!!  2008_12120383


TDC#45 (2.0) What Ride Best Describes YOU?

Cat #2 discovered a little audio glitch or two in this week’s episode after posting…. apologies to all – I’m reposting – consider reloading?
A Pirates Life for Me?
A Pirates Life for Me?

This week starts off with a BANG as the fabulous Jeff Wasowski

Desperately Seeking Figment?

Desperately Seeking Figment?

has treated the Cats to a little musical musing in the form of “Sweet Veterinarians” (apologies to Tim Curry – NOT Neil Diamond as I originally feared).

Then we’ve got more MegaMouseMeet Madness, as Lovely Sheila starts off this weeks round of questions with a whole bunch of MouseFesters! We also hear from Alice falling down down down the rabbit hole, and finish off with a song from Yehaa Bob himself!



And is Cat #2 the only one whose mind goes here when Jennifer mentions Francis the Ladybug?





Note to all – Mr. Bob Jackson was out for a bit to have back surgery and should be back (ha!) to work soon – check out his website for his schedule!

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TDC #44: Guilty Pleasures

HSM Pep Rally

How do we start out at “Guilty Pleasures” and end up with “HSM Re-told By Someone Who’s Never Seen It?” Listen to the show, and find out!

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We also take a little spin on the Monorail, enjoy a Poetry Corner courtesy of our friend Jeff, and puzzle with Trace over Pal Mickey’s apparent neurological event at our Fish Are Friends, Not Food Meet at MouseFest 2008. Enjoy!

Fish Are Friends! Not Food!

Fish Are Friends! Not Food!

TDC#43- Disneyana!


Episode 43, We mean! Yes? Then read and listen on fellow Dizzies – and for FREE!!!!!!!

Yes, it’s Those Darn Cats episode #43, in which the Cats discuss their most treasured Disney tchotchkes, revisit the Mega Mouse Meet, listen to a musical number from Cat #2, and a little not quite politically correct vintage Jack Wagner having to do with Lisa’s fave Disneyana character…



note gnaw marks @5 o'clock

So, enjoy this week’s show, and let us know what YOUR prized Disneyana ephemera is? And a big thanks, as per usual, to Jeff W (stands for Wasowski), MMM attendees Theresa, Pam, Dennis and Amy, I mean Judy!

And did you doubt for a minute that Stitch travels a bit with Jennifer? Here’s some photographic evidence:

Stitch visiting the garden isle of Maui...

Stitch visiting the garden isle of Maui...

....and with Pal Mickey, on the TTA at MouseFest 2008

....and with Pal Mickey, on the TTA at MouseFest 2008

TDCs #38 – Cruisefest – part deux!!












The Flat Cats enjoy an adult beverage at the Diversions Lounge on the Wonder

The final tidbits from last years Mousefest Cruise are here for your listening enjoyment! You will also hear from a few of the following folks –
  • Don – Duck Addict – he answers a question from the Mega Mouse Meet! 

    Sorry Steve, Don was the ORIGINAL Girl's Ride Out Crossdresser...


  • Big Brian gives us a little station identification
  • Tairy Rich, from Little Red’s Writing Hood and the Disney Tidbits – Did You Know? podcasts, tells us about a new charitable endeavor she is embarking on – and contributes to the poetry corner!

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