TDC#302 A Pride Of Topics

Does Wall*E touch your heart and your soul? (Of course, you KNOW what Wall*E stands for fight, trivia buffs?!) What about other Disney movies? Might Wall*E be perfect??

Also, what about all of these:


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TDC#277 Frozen and the Bechdel Test

Hello podcast listeners, Lisa here. there is alot going on in this week’s show – Snowball greets us and then we talk about Frozen, a bunch of other Disney movies and the Bechdel test. I just want to say here and now, that I liked Frozen fine. I give it a C+/B-. Perhaps I will like it more on repeat viewings, but it’s fine they made that. I think it is awesome that people seem so into it though, even if I don’t really get it – I mean, I’ve got friends on their 5th and 6th viewings! Glad this movie should be a hit for Disney, but I found it a bit… derivative (HAHAHAHAHAH you are saying IT’S DISNEY DUH). I really had high hopes to craft an amazing music montage highlighting some of Frozen’s soundtrack with other songs I feel are VERY similar (insert Wicked soundtrack here). But OK. That didn’t really happen, but go with me in spirit, K? 🙂

Next week we will be back with everything Reunion 2013 – and maybe a little more Snowball. Happy Holidays!

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TDC #274: Escape from Tomorrow

Escape from Tomorrow poster

Jennifer took one for the team, and despite all the bad reviews watched the controversial film Escape from Tomorrow, which was shot at Walt Disney World and Disneyland without permission from Disney. Don’t listen to this show with the kids.

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We also announce a Those Darn Cats meet: Saturday, December 7, at 2:00pm we shall gather at the Main Street Bakery to say fuck Coffeemate, and welcome our new Starbucks overlords.

We talk a little bit too about Jennifer’s RFID-blocking duct tape wallet, which she’s blogged about over at Broke Hoedown (pics are at that link).

TDC#219 Finding Nemo Again

mosaic from cabanas restaurant on the disney dream

On this week’s show, Finding Nemo in 3D – and more!

Plus all this other stuff:

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TDC#178 Are You A Fan Or A Muppet (Hater)?

The new Muppet movie is here! The new Muppet movie is here!!

To celebrate, both Cats saw the new flick and discuss. Here are some links to other muppet-y goodness discussed herein-


If spoilers are generally your thing, you might enjoy Slate’s Spoiler podcast as well – the Muppet Movie is the latest episode if you are so inclined.

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And, no, we haven’t unleashed the holiday music. YET.

TDC #113: Toy Story 3 Redux

Toy Story 3 Vinylmation figures, from Disney Parks

Lisa and Trace went to see Toy Story 3, and we all need to regroup a bit. Not everyone is as big a fan of the film as the Watchamacallit. Plus, not everybody stayed awake for the whole film.

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By the way, that Ken video that the Watchamacallit mentioned? If you haven’t watched it yet, time to head to YouTube to watch Groovin’ With Ken.

And those Toy Story 3 Vinylmation that Trace mentioned? Oh yeah, Jennifer’s gonna be looking for those in the parks.