TDC# 186 Lisa Rambles

Well folks, it’s happened – the TDC show well ran dry! But have no fear, loyal listeners, Cat #2 has a few ramblings to share, we’ll take a bye next week and be back February 15th with an all new extravaganza!

In the meantime, here’s what’s on Cat #2’s mind:


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TDC#40 – For Your Consideration….

We are ready for our close up, Mr. DeMille.....

We are ready for our close up, Mr. DeMille.....


Hooray for Hollywood! Of course, The Cats may be thinking of a different Sunset Boulevard then most of the folks tuning in Sunday night for the 81st Annual Oscar Awards….


We will be watching… and rooting for the sentimental favorite, WALL*E.




Sadly, The Cats must note that “Kung Fu Panda” not only has outearned Wall*E thus far, but took home 11 Annie Awards… Sheesh..

Ah yes, and here are just a few of the things The Cats discuss this week and/or Lisa CAN’T remember:

  • “ about nuns in Iraq…” = Persepolis (actually about a girl in Iran during the Islamic Revolution – in my defense, the basic drawings are rather “nun-like” but how likely is the phrase “Irani Nun?”)
  • Waltz with Bashir
  • Lloyd Dobler
  • The Duckster
photo crdit to the blog

photo credit to the blog









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